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Typical Structural Engineering Projects

  • Buildings for Residential, Commercial or Agricultural Usage
  • Non Building Structures, Structures for Recreational Use
  • Conventionally-Framed, or Post Framed Buildings
  • SIP Buildings and Combination of Systems
  • Concrete (ICF), or ICS (3D Panel System) Buildings
  • Consulting Services,  Structural Inspections, and Structural Evaluation of Buildings

Typical Structural Engineering Services


  • Gravity Analysis - Rafters, Joists, Beams, Posts, Tall Walls, Trusses
  • Lateral Bracing -  Prescriptive Lateral Bracing
  • Lateral Analysis - Shear Wall, Frames Design & Detailing
  • Foundation Design - Basement Retaining Walls, Stem Walls, Pad and Continuous Footings, & Embedded Posts
  • Miscellaneous Design and Analysis - Open and Underground Storage Tanks, Landscape Retaining Walls
  • Structural Plan Creation - Framing Plans, Foundation Plans, Structural Details Hand-Drawn Or Using AutoCAD 

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Contact person: Ivan Kaliban, P.E., 

e-mail: ivank@wcoasteng.com

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